Address: Rua Alfredo Miguel Baduy, 629, São Gabriel, Colombo, PR, Brazil, 83407-150

After many years of faithful work by the Dutch sister churches, four vibrant congregations with two ordained ministers and several elders and deacons had been established. Unfortunately, a series of trials and difficulties reduced the work in a short time to a very small remnant a few years ago. The Surrey and Hamilton missionaries in cooperation with the IRB churches worked hard to maintain the preaching and sacraments in this place. In the last few years, the Church at Maragogi has contributed a lot of time and energy to continue the work, even loaning their own ministers to work for long stretches in Colombo.

In August 2013 Rev. Adriano Gama, at that time minister of the Church at Recife, accepted the call to be missionary pastor of the church plant at Colombo. Under God’s blessing, the missionaries look forward to continued cooperation with Maragogi and the new pastor, and expect to see good growth in the south of Brazil with this new development.